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Anatano Ai wo Kou

Beg For Your Love Anatano Ai wo Kou Love Panixxx WEBSITE CHANGE--> it went from TO (i added two more x's) STORY CHANGE!!!!!! --> well while i was drawing the first few pages i realized that the story was taking a dramatic turn in a differnt direction lol... SO below is the new summary ..scratch the old one ehhe ~ In the present-day world surrounding Tsukijima High School hate fill the streets leaving only a tiny space for love. Murder is now considered to be an everyday activity, and young children play mystery games using live corpses. There are some people who still believe that murder is a vile act, but not many. One of those people is Giima. She and her appentice Hashimoto Gou, whose head over heels in love with her, and also an ex-assasin, try to help those who kill for love, because of love, or just because see the wrong in their ways... A horror-filled love story drenched in lust and blood. Contains: Violence, Light BL, Romance (nothing really graphic), Dark Comedy, BLOOD Enjoy~



i changed the website url from TO '


AND check out the semi-entirely new story change at the top of the homepage (it's got the summary there!

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